Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holiday Combo

this is a mini scrapbook and 6 cards made out of 4 pieces of paper. 2 patterned and 2 cardstock.

for the scrapbook:
2 pieces solid colored cardstock
2 pieces patterned paper
10 inch piece of ribbon
2 8 inch pieces of ribbon
and any embelishments you desire
-take the two pieces of cardstock and cut 4-3 inch squares out of each piece.
-lay 4 of the squares beside each other close but not touching
-take the 10 inch ribbon and glue across all four squares at center to connect them all.
-take the two pieces of 8 inch ribbon and tack one to each side of the end square. this will be the ribbon to tie the book together.
-glue the other squares over connecting ribbon and previous squares.
-cut 7 - 23/4 inch squares out of the patterned paper.
- 1 will be for the cover, 4 will be picture mounts and 2 will be on the back of the book for journaling - decorate as heart desires

for the cards:
-take the remaining card stock and cut 6-9x4 inch rectangles.
-score at 4 1/2 to create card
- and decorate as heart desires.

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